Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oscar Party Planning Committee, Cont.

The Food!

I've actually done the "Oscar Party on a Diet" thing before.  I used "Cook This, Not That" and made the mac and cheese and the chicken tenders.  My chicken tenders did not turn out so well.  I can't remember the mac and cheese but the whole party kind of felt like a dud with my cheesy diet food.  Duds happen, what can I say.  So I want to try again to have a somewhat healthy menu but I'd like to avoid slight of hand recipes like oven baked chicken tenders, oven baked fries, etc -- they just aren't as good as the original.

What I do make is a pretty mean healthy turkey burger.  I use ground turkey breast and add an egg and chopped onion and cook them up.  They are different than burgers but good.  I really like onion so that helps.  Brian has been buying the pre-portioned turkey burgers at Costco and then using a slice of cheese and a piece of bacon.  That works really good too.  I thought sliders would be a good idea.  I don't want to do a "sliders bar" and have fixings and all that, it's too much work.  I think I will make the burger with cheese and bacon, a mixture of our two recipes, and then have mayo, ketchup, and mustard if people want them.  Maybe a slice of pickle.

From pinterest I found loads of ideas and though subject to change I think these are the new things I'm going to try:

Lasagna Cupcake -- use wanton wrappers for the "noodles" and fill with lasagna toppings (I'm going to skip ricotta because I don't like ricotta)

Caprese Salad - I think this is pretty and is not only a salad option but great for the vegetarians who come to our parties.  I usually serve a wedge of brie with cut up baguette (it's one of my favorite things) but I think this will be a better substitute calorie wise).

Fruit Kabob - also pretty but I might have too many tooth pick options and that gets time consuming so we'll see, you can always just throw all this in a bowl and have a fruit salad.


Two Bite Chocolate Cream Pie - This is only like 100 calories each, obviously they are small.  I do not like dessert recipes with weird swaps from Whole Wheat flour to fake sugar, it's just not my thing.  I'd rather go the portion control route.

I also always do tuxedo strawberries for the Oscar and a veggie tray will be imperative.  We also like to get a shrimp cocktail ring thing they sell at grocery stores.  Those are so easy!  I think that's enough food.

PS - Is it weird to do a chocolate pie the year "The Help" is nominated?