Friday, January 20, 2012

Oscar Party Planning Committee

I've been using pinterest to help me plan for this year's Oscar party.  Christmas was tight and I wanted to cancel our Christmas party but Brian thought we could pull it off for a couple hundred dollars so we did by cutting back on our menu and asking folks to bring wine.  For the Oscar party I want to jazz it up a little still keeping a tight budget but a little room to spare for decorations.

I get inspiration from the weirdest of places.  One of my favorite nursey design blogs**,Lay Baby Lay, hosted a birthday party for her one year old and two things stuck out for me that I wanted to use for inspiration.

First was the aqua plastic silverware.  I love anything aqua and when I saw these I wondered why I ever went with simple clear plastic ware for my parties.  No more!  Also, I loved the aqua against the black and white tablecloth.  I spent a lot of time looking for a black and white ticking tablecloth, which I could not find, and in the end decided to go a little more Oscar elegant.

Then I saw this photo of a very elegant home decorated for the holidays on I Suwannee.  I fell in love with the black and white dotted tablecloth.

I tried tracking down the original post by the homeowner and she had the tablecloth made.  I searched all over for a tablecloth similar to this one and there just are not many tablecloths with modern prints on them.  I went back and forth about making my own tablecloth.  The fabric has to be very affordable or it's just not worth the effort and my table is kind of wide at 42" and most fabric bolts are 54" for the wider sizes.  Frankly the tablecloth will not be wide enough for a needed 12" drape on each size.  But will it look awesome enough to not matter.  It's a buffet table afterall.  In the end I decided to go for it so I ordered   this fabric to make into a tablecloth.  Not exactly the same but we'll see how it turns out.

I've been in love with these tassel garlands since they first started making their way around the internet.

I found a DIY site and I'm going to try to recreate the garland.  I went to three stores looking for tissue in adorable colors and I totally struck out.  So I went to the internet and found all the colors I could imagine there and ordered them online.

While I was searching for tissue I found these cute tissue flowers with the black and white polka dots.

I'm trying to decide whether to DIY these as well.  I think I have enough but these are too cute to pass up.  We'll see how that goes.

** I know what you must be thinking.  Why would an infertile girl follow a nursery blog, is she a glutton for punishment?  But I can't help it, I actually find a lot of inspiration in nurseries.  I like cheerful colors often found in nurseries way more than adult neutrals and I love whimsical items often found in nurseries and use both often in my adult house.  This site doesn't talk non-stop about how great motherhood is and how you're a total loser if you are not a mom, I know very little about her kid and what I do know has been very helpful in regular infertile life.  I ordered a toy that her daughter likes for my nephew's birthday.  It's foremost a design blog so it doesn't hurt my feelings or make me feel sad.

Next up, food ideas...