Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Laundry Room Progress

Oh my god I can't believe I did this. 

This stupid door has been off the hinges for weeks waiting for the handy man to come cut it for me.  Finally today I thought, why can't I do this?  Just because I'm scared to do it.  Just because if I mess up I can't run out and get another door?  Why should that stop me...

So I improvised some saw horses, loaded up my jig saw, and went slow and steady.  I did it, I can't believe it!

So much cleaner.  The new pantry cabinet cost more than I wanted it to but the results are really terrific despite the price.  I want to move the washer/dryer a bit to the left so it doesn't look crammed against the wall and curtains.  In the future I still have space to put in another pantry cabinet if I want but there are more pressing house to do issues to resolve first.