Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween in Retrospect

...I know, Halloween is so done right now. But I want to share my thoughts and photos anyway.

 I really enjoy using pinterest to get ideas for holidays and parties.  One rule I have for pinterest is to never pin anything that I can't recreate or afford (in the short term, anyway).  I don't want pinterest to be a fantasy wish list, I want it to have real things that I can make or do or buy or decorate.

For Halloween I came up with a lot of ideas.

The first thing I wanted was some sort of garland for the ceiling between the kitchen and dining room.  I also knew I wanted to hang tissue paper pom poms, which I found a pack of three by Martha Stewart for $3 at TJ Maxx, score!  I hung those over the island and they are still there.  I'm hoping to keep them up through Thanksgiving and then replace them with something more Christmasy.

I got my Bat Garland idea from here.  I used her template and spent an afternoon cutting out bats from cardstock I bought on Amazon.  I'm really happy with how this turned out.

The inspiration is on the left, mine is on the right for these collages.

I think I was most excited about the cake.  I really wanted to find a black cake stand but when I saw this one (on the right) I had to have it.  Black would limit when I could use it and now I can use it all the time.  Right now it holds bananas.  It's my new favorite thing.

I used this site for the cake and the toppers.  I tried using her pdf as a stencil but it was very intricate so I tried printing it on black cardstock and it left a shadow so I could cut the bats out that way.  I was not easy attaching tiny paper bats to super thin wire when you have 2 hours before your party and you haven't showered or started cooking dinner (shaky hand syndrome) and the cats are like "oh, toy!" so keep that in mind.  I had the bats cut out in advance and I should have gone ahead and glued them to wire.  Also I'm not a neat cake person.  I don't like leveling cakes especially when it was obvious I was missing a couple layers to match my inspiration cake.  I used a cake box for the cake but made the frosting homemade.  Next time I'd do it all homemade, it was lacking for me.

For my tablescape I really fell for the matte black pumpkin from here.  I actually first used chalk paint and then ordered a sample pot of seriously matte black paint hoping for a more matte effect.  In the end I could not obtain what I was looking for.  This was a fail and because I went with the sample pot I spent more money that I would have liked on this project.

I don't know how I found this bouquet but I really liked the white flowers with the black feathers.  I found a feather at Michaels and used grocery store roses.  They have since really opened up and look even more stunning.  I got the vase from TJ Maxx.  The pumpkins are $2 from Target but I spent like $15 on paint like an idiot.

I also was still not finished with my husband's (the Dark Knight Rises) Bane costume. So I was still tweaking it and had to essentially give it up. It looks a little rumbled but it is what it is. I was supposed to be Cat Woman from the masquerade ball and I was so exhausted by party time I wore my Nike Sneakers and didn't take off my glasses so I didn't wear my mask. One of the three reasons I got fed up with myself is I bought a special dress for the night and when I went to put it on for the party it didn't fit me! I bought it a month or so ago and it fit barely. I remember thinking at that time I better watch it or this dress isn't going to fit me. And it didn't. I went with an old Old Navy party dress and it's not like I was pulling off Anne Hathaway anyway. Speaking of, like no one knew who Brian was. It's the second highest grossing movie of the year and like 10% of people knew who he was. Me, I'm a cat with a black dress on. Kind of lame...

The party was not, it was one of our greatest parties. I made Jambalaya and it was so good. We had nine people total gathered around our little table and we had more trick-or-treaters than ever before and all the kids wore costumes! It's always really upsets me when kids can't afford trick-or-treat costumes. We almost ran out of candy!

 I hope your Halloween was wonderful too.