Wednesday, January 30, 2013

French Oscar Party Planning Committee

French Oscar Party

I've been trying to put something together for this year's Oscar Party.  I decided on a French theme (Les Miserables) and I've been trying to see if I could make French Macarons (see my instagram for my test runs).  I was going to go straight French with French flags and so forth like this

I already ordered the flags and the poofy white garland.  But then I saw this dress from Modcloth and it reminded me of all the pretty macaron photos I've been looking at lately and I knew that I wanted to go more mint and gold, than red, white, and blue, a more Marie Antoinette version of France.  I'm still working on my invitations but I put a couple ideas in my mood board.

I'm obviously set on desserts and have found some side items I'm interested in cooking but I'm still stuck on a main course.  Part of the problem is I'm such a picky eater, I don't like mushrooms or beans (or most vegetables, who am I kidding), and I'm trying to not cook anything in wine because we don't drink alcohol, obviously I'm not cooking rabbit or duck, I'm trying to avoid fish because it might stink up the house, and I'm quickly running out of French entrees.  If any of my wonderful readers can think of a French entree for me to make please let me know in the comments.