Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 51 Helveys Mill Shelter

Miles hiked 14
Total miles 589.2

Today was nice. It was sunny all morning and our mole skin stayed on so our feet did not complain.  We hiked the 12 miles to the rk ad to Bland VA by 1130am. The first car that came by drove us oit of her way to bring us to Subway and the Dollar General.  She was delivering food to shut ins for her church. Sassafras told her about her hike for hunger. We had a nice meal at Subway and bought some food, foam tape for our feet and some thin nylon socks to use as liners. We got a ride back to the trail by a nice guy in a pickup truck. He went out of his way as well. I can not say enough nice things about Bland Va and the people.  Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 14 miles. The weather was perfect, not too hot or cold. We hiked 3 miles an hour today. Sassafras