Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 68 Maupin Field Shelter

Miles hiked 20.4
Total miles 836.5
We had  great day today.  We climbed Spy Rock in the morning with breathtaking views. We hikes a 20 mile day and feel great. We met Pony Steps and Preacher Man Starting a week section hike and they recognized Sassafras from the Yahoo article.  They were very nice and had said they had hoped to meet Sassafras on their hike. In the evening as we hiked into the shelter two trail angels Karen snd Harry were cooking cheeseburgers on the fire pit. Sassafras ate 2 1/2 cheeseburgers,  they were grest. There was a local physician who was on a day hike there as well who recognised Sassafras from her Yahoo article.  What a great day. Kaboose

Today was fun. We hiked 20.4 miles. The weather was good. The trail was good. We had one big uphill. We had trail magic. It was cheeseburgers. I had 2 1/2. Sassafras