Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 78 Blackburn AT Center

Miles hiked 17.8
Total miles 1006.5

Today was a big day. We passed the 1000 mile mark, we crossed I to West Virginia, and we hiked the rollercoaster in a rain storm. The rollercoaster is a section of the trail that is 13.5 miles of consent steep ascents and decents, no fun in the cold rain.

Tonight we are dry in the hiker hostel cabin at the Blackburn AT Center run by the PATC. We got sandwiches as trail magic from the caretaker.

Tomorrow will be a fast 12.5 miles to Harper's Ferry.  We do not care if it rains because we will meet my wife ther. We have not seen her since we left on this trip. I miss her very muck. Kaboose

Today was fun, we hiked 17.8 miles. We passed the 1000 mile mark and we will be in Harper's Ferry tomorrow.  I am very excited.  Sassafras.