Friday, June 7, 2013

My Nightgown Search

If you follow me on Pinterest, and you really should, Pinterest is awesome, you know I've been trying to find some plus size nightgowns.

My criterea:

Not terribly expensive
100% Cotton
Short enough to sleep in but long enough to sit down in

I was really searching for sleep t-shirts because the one sleep shirt I have from Target is almost perfect.  It's XXL, which is slightly too small but acceptable and it's purple and white mini stripes.  I went to Target to get the same thing and the only ones they had now I didn't like the print or colors.

I found a couple at Nordstroms and other department stores on line but jeez I don't want to spend $60 for a nightgown and I need more than one.  I even ended up buying one from Hips & Curves through Amazon and it got lost in the mail or never sent and they refunded me.  I think that was a happy accident.

Finally I decided to do what I hardly ever do and that's shop for clothes in an actual store.  I went to Kohls and bam, there they were, exactly what I was looking for.

Plus Size Nightgown

Link to the Adorable Kohl's Nightgowns

They were $16.99 each and I think 15% off that, I still don't understand the pricing at Kohl's.  I got three for around $44.00 and I was so freaking happy I can't even tell you.  They are very comfortable and super cute and I'm so happy I don't have to glum over on anymore.

Come one Target, get your act together.  I expect more from you.