Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DAY 109-112 Home in Maine

We have been home  in Maine for a few days. Sassaffras's needs to be off her feet for two more weeks. Once we got home it was apparent that she done enough. 3 1/2 months with her Papa is enough, she missed being with people her own age. I had thought she would develop some friendships with some of the young ladies hiking the trail, but that did not happen. We now know she was very lonely. She still has plans to do the Triple Crown and backpack thru Europe. She will spend the rest of the summer doing as she call it "regular stuff" like camp and spending time with Mrs. Kaboose and her friends. We are so very proud of her, she is the strongest person I know. She always sees the good in things. She even thought the Doyle Hotel was beautiful. She was able to look past the decay of time and see the original  beauty of the building.

It is with mixed feeling that I tell everyone that Sassafras is off the trail. Tomorrow my sister who is visiting from New York will be driving me back to Fort Montgomery N.Y. to continue the hike. It will not be the same without Sassafras and I do not know how I feel about it. As a family we decided it is important that I try to finish the thru hike. We do not know when I would be able to try again or if I would able to do it if that time came.

I will continue with the blog. I do not know how much interest it will be to others without Sassafras? 

Mrs. Kaboose will be uploading videos from Harpers Ferry thru Fort Montgomery. I plan to continue to take some pictures and videos. I also do not know how interesting they will be without Sassafras. Kaboose