Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Car Seat Help

This may be premature, but assuming we'll pass our license, they keep talking about car seats and I want to get an idea of what I'll need.

I need to purchase a car seat that basically will last from birth to as far as possible.  I do not want just a car seat for newborns, it has to last at least until they are 2 years old, possibly further.  Also I only want a black or gray car seat, I know, I know, I just do.  I'm not ready for beige and army green, maybe one day.  It can't cost crazy money because I get reimbursed.

So, most of you guys are parents, if not, if shopping for baby stuff doesn't make you dizzy, help a future foster lady out.  Amazon or Target would be best for me.  I've really tried and I don't really know what I'm looking for or I start to get depressed because I find something I like and it's $300.  Maybe it's supposed to be $300.  I really don't know.  This is really hard.

Thanks so much!