Friday, October 4, 2013

Headboard - 70's Peacock Wicker Style

We bought a headboard today.  With all the other stuff going on you'd think a new headboard would be way down the list, and it is.  But I just happened to be on craigslist and thought, well, I'll just look and see if there are any headboards that I like.

I really like our current headboard, at least, I think I do.  I'm tired of the color, the aqua linen is too light and I feel like it should be tufted but I don't have any extra fabric to make tufting buttons even if I wanted to, which I don't.  Also, and more important, it has a function issue.  The depth of the headboard is so thick that Grayson will jump up there to hang out.  The problem is when he jumps down, he'll jump down anywhere, on your stomach or your face, and it gets in the way of sleeping.  Some would say there's some PTSD involved.  I wouldn't typically buy a new piece of furniture for a cat, but since I'm kind of over my headboard, it would be nice to not have that issue.

That said, a budget was in place and come on, who can find a lovely king size headboard for less than say $80.  And what am I really looking for anyway.

Well.  I happen to be a big fan of the show "New Girl" and a really big fan of Jess's bedroom, notably to only a weirdo like me, the simple yet effective headboard she has.  Take a simple headboard and paint it a shiny color and it TRANSFORMS it.  Plus, you can actually find this kind of headboard in my price range.  Not that I have, but you could.

So that essentially was what I was looking for.  But I wasn't having any luck and the ridiculousness of craigslist was getting to me.  But then I found an easier way to search.  I searched "king headboard" and selected the pic view, then when you move your mouse over the tiny picture a big picture pops up.  It makes it sooo easier than clicking on each individual post until you want to scream.

And then, way at the bottom, under the "local results," I about fell out of the chair.

It looks just like my very favorite bed photo of all time...

...except it's not aqua yet but it was only $35!  Thirty five dollars!  I emailed as fast as I could and today we drove 1 1/2 hours there and back to a very awesome beach home to pick it up.  I have a couple of little repairs and then I can prime and paint it aqua.  I cannot wait.  I'm so excited!